Frequently Asked Questions


What is the history of United Fund? In 1966 a group of community people joined together to offer an easy way to donate money to help the needy in our community. We like to say one stop giving and neighbors helping neighbors.

What is the difference in the United Fund and United Way? The United Fund operates much like the United Way with the exception that we are local, we pay no membership dues.

What is the operating expense of the United Fund? The operating budget is 13% of the total budget of the United Fund. The United Fund has one part-time employee and has a volunteer board of 19 members.

I noticed some of the agencies listed are physically located out of the county, how does my money stay here in Cumberland County? Even though a few agencies are physically located out of the community, the funding given goes towards programs they provide to people in Cumberland County.

What is the process for determining who receives funding? Agencies fill out an application that includes information about what they are requesting funding for, audited or an approved financial statement, contingency plan, statement of purpose, proof of tax exempt status, fundraising activities and a Partner Agreement. The Agency Review Team (comprised of board members and community leaders) make site visits. The financial documentation are looked over by members that work in finance. Recommendations are made by members of the Agency Review Teams and voted on by the Board of Directors.