Cumberland County United Fund receives $1,000 grant from US Bank

Cumberland County United Fund has received a $1,000 grant from US Bank that the United Fund invests back into our community. US Bank demonstrates their motto that the first step to doing anything is believing that you can do anything. They believe when people know they don’t have to do it alone, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

Their partnership with the United Fund has made many things possible for the  people served by their 34 partner agencies in Cumberland County. Here are just a few examples how the US Bank grant will be used in our community: provide weekend food for kids backpacks to qualified students, prevention education about domestic violence, drug abuse and bullying. In addition, weekly home visits to prevent abuse and help parents keep their children in a loving nurturing home environment, housing for the homeless and  the frail elderly and through the Barrier Fund provides uniforms, steel toes shoes, gas to get back and forth to work until the first paycheck or other supplies that will help someone enter the work force.

The United Fund is accepting donations to meet the needs of people right here in Cumberland County. For more information on the United Fund or how you can support its community efforts, please or call 931-484-4082.

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