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      2024 Grant Application

Application is for 501 C 3  Human Service Non-profits that provide programs and/or services in Cumberland County, TN.

All requests must be returned by noon on August 24, 2023.

Late Applications WILL NOT Be Accepted.

2024 United Fund Grant Funding Proposals available now.

Registration is required- 

About The United Fund of Cumberland County Grant Process

Agencies fill out an application that includes information about what they are requesting funding for, audited or an approved financial statement, statement of purpose, proof of tax exempt status, fundraising activities and a Partner Agreement. The Agency Review Team (comprised of  community leaders) make site visits to agencies that choose to apply for an out-come based grant . The financial documentation is looked over by members that work in finance. Recommendations are made by members of the Agency Review Teams and voted on by the Board of Directors.

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