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United Fund

Since it began in 1966, the United Fund’s mission is to help the people of Cumberland County by partnering with local non-profit agencies who offer services that lend assistance to those with the greatest need.   

Through the United Fund’s grant funding process, support is given to help feed the hungry, assist people facing emergencies and disasters, victims of adult and child domestic violence and sexual assault, citizens with brain disorders and disabilities, low-income families, the elderly and the county’s most precious resource – children and youth. 

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What We Do

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, United Fund is dedicated to making a lasting impact. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s focus to support human service activities in our community, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of programs. You can view the agencies who partner with us to make an impact in Cumberland County on our Partner Agency page. 


Local Empowerment

We empower local organizations to pursue their missions by alleviating the need to develop additional funding sources. We believe that organizations should be focused on providing much-needed services. Together, we can build a more resilient community.

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Interview with United Fund Director



Recently I had the opportunity to look through some old records of the United Fund and found  a letter from 1966 from John Dooley Mayor of Crossville  to our charter member  Mrs. Virgie Lewis that reads:

“For several years I have felt that we need in Cumberland County a United Fund.  This would combine all of our various charitable and financial drives into one annual drive.  I feel Crossville and Cumberland County is more than large enough and that this would be a great relief to all our citizens, particularly the business people.  I am asking you or your organization to appoint a member to a committee for the purpose of organizing a United Fund."

And organizing is what she did.  And as we say “the rest is history”. 

 We thank our charter members (William R. Winterbottom, Jean Burris, Virgie Lewis, Casto Brewer, Vernon Tabor and John Dooley) for uniting and believing that our community in July of 1966 could come together to give to one source and help so  many organizations.

As the Executive Director since 2001, I have seen many changes in our community. I have witnessed the courage and diligence of  the United Fund’s Board of Directors.  In these years various fundraisers have been held thus increasing the amount of grants that could be given out each year to a growing number of partner non-profits. 

 The Campaign Committee continues to seek new businesses and explore fundraisers to help the United Fund sustain and grow.  I believe our community is great because of the many exceptional  nonprofits whose varied programs and services  provide unlimited benefits to the people of our City and County.    

Now that we are almost a quarter into this 22nd century, I eagerly anticipate the future as I grow in my leadership skills.  I also am so encouraged by the fact that the United Fund is poised for growth because we continuously seek innovative opportunities that will support the ever present needs of the people in our community and help individuals and families maximize their potential.

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348 Taylor St Ste 101, Crossville, TN 38555, USA

931 - 484 - 4082

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